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The shop is undergoing a bit of a makeover. But in the meantime, here are some easy links to my work!


For the first time, WOLF'S HEAD is available in digital format through ComiXology. The main ComiXology page for WOLF'S HEAD is at https://www.comixology.com/Wolfs-Head/comics-series/144356 and features (as of this writing) issues 1 through 10. Links to the individual digital issues are as follows (and there are previews on ComiXology, too!):
Links to all of my digital comics can be found at on ComiXology right here.


WOLF'S HEAD is an ongoing full colour series that launched at the tail end of 2017. Each issue is approximately 60 (yes!) pages in length and there are currently five issues done. All  are available pretty much everywhere (or, as the saying goes, "wherever better books are sold").  You can also purchase them online through Amazon and other online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books, Powell's, IndieBound, Waterstones, and so on!

Latest Issue!

Wolf's Head Issue 5 cover by Von Allan
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Wolf's Head Issue 1 cover by Von Allan     Wolf's Head Issue 2 cover by Von Allan     Wolf's Head Issue 3 cover by Von Allan
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Wolf's Head Issue 4 cover by Von Allan
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STORIES! 2015 TO 2019

This is a collection of short stories that was recently released for the very first time in print and digital format. More information about the stories themselves and a bit more background detail can be found right here. Print links are below; the digital version can be found on ComiXology.
Stories! 2015 to 2019 cover by Von Allan
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The three collected stories featuring Bill and Butch, WIZARDS FOR HIRE - CHEAP!, is available at your local comic book shop or online at retailers such as Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. You can even buy it digitally at ComiXology. You can also just click the cover below to head over to Amazon. The retail price is $5.99 US and all three stories are presented in full colour. There are some extra bonus pinups, too!

Wizards for Hire - Cheap Cover by Von Allan
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Of course, these stories are also available to read for free online here at Von Allan Studio. The first story is here, the second here, and the third one is right here.

Other graphic novels

My first graphic novel, the road to god knows..., is now out of print. My two volume series STARGAZER is still available in stores and through online retailers, too. Volume 1 is on Amazon right here. Volume 2 is here.

Issues 1 and 2

Wolf's Head Issue 1 cover Wolf's Head Issue 2 cover

City of Ottawa Grant Support

Von Allan Studio gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa.

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Issues 3 and 4

Wolf's Head Issue 3 cover Wolf's Head Issue 4 cover

Publishing Information

ISSN 2561-3537

ISBN for Issue 1: 978-0-9952772-2-9

ISBN for Issue 2: 978-0-9952772-3-6

ISBN for Issue 3: 978-0-9952772-4-3

ISBN for Issue 4: 978-0-9952772-5-0

ISBN for Issue 5: 978-0-9952772-6-7

Wolf's Head in print!

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Issues 5 and 6

Wolf's Head Issue 5 cover Wolf's Head Issue 6 cover

Von Allan - Writer and Artist

has been living and breathing comics in the Great White North for a number of years and has built an active and well-respected presence in the larger comics community. He has written, penciled, and inked a number of short stories and two full-length, original graphic novels. More information about Von can be found at his website at https://www.vonallan.com.

Sam Boswell - Editor

Sam Boswell has been finding dangling modifiers, correcting spelling, and fixing misused apostrophes in fiction, non-fiction, university theses, graphic novels, technical manuals, and government bureaucratese for almost 20 years. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and, when she's not solving language problems for other people, she can be found deep in a book, untangling yarn, or digging in the garden.